Instrumental Music Events

There will be some combined and separate Junior and Senior High divisions in this event. Junior and Senior High ages can be mixed, but will always be considered a Senior High group. Any Junior High teen who participates in a Senior High group event cannot participate in the same Junior High event.

Please Note: In all solo, duet, trio, and quartet categories, no teen may win more than one award per category. For example, the same teen cannot win 1st and 2nd place in mixed duets. The intent of this rule is to let more teens have a chance to win. Thank you for your cooperation.

Special Note to Pastor/Youth Pastor

No musical selection may be entered into competition in the singing, instrumental, or song leading categories without an authorized form signed by the Pastor/Youth Pastor for the teens home church. We are striving to keep the music in the teen talent contest conservative and Christ honoring. A copy of this form is available to download here.


Junior High

Solo - 0-3 yrs.
Solo - 4+ yrs.
Duet - 0-3 yrs.
Duet - 4+ yrs.

Senior High

Solo - 0-3 yrs.
Solo - 4+ yrs.
Duet - 0-3 yrs.
Duet - 4+ yrs.


A group is three or more instruments. Junior and Senior High or levels of experience are not separated.
There is a limit of two instrumental groups per church.
  • Written music is required for competition. Any improvisation could be a detriment to your overall score.

  • Instrumental section will be divided into two groups:
    • Keyboards - piano and others.
    • Instruments - all other except drums and guitars. Only an acoustic guitar is permitted.

  • Each group will be divided into years of experience levels (0-3 years and 4 or more years) and Junior and Senior High.

  • Piano and keyboard will be provided. Please do not bring your own.

  • There will be a monitored instrument room provided so that the teens will not have to carry the instrument with them all day.

  • There is not a limit to the number of entries in this event, but each entry must be with a different instrument; i.e. contestant may enter piano and violin but cannot enter piano twice.

  • Only sacred, conservative, Christ honoring or patriotic music is acceptable. Classical music is permitted if it is sacred classical music. If in doubt, please call.

  • No musical selection can last more than 5 minutes.

  • Piano accompaniment does not count as part of an Instrumental group competition such as a duet, trio, etc.

  • 3 copies of the music must be presented to the judges prior to the performance.

General Info